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    • California Farmer Develops First Electric Feed Truck August 16, 2017
      Straus decided to build the feed truck to close the loop on the farm’s renewable energy practices.
      Unknown Author
    • Global Dairy Prices Soften Just A Tad August 16, 2017
      Trading volume fairly heavy, with more then 32,000 metric tonnes selling.
      Roger Bernard
    • Cheese Exports Expected to Move Higher August 16, 2017
      U.S. prices are below global levels.
      Julianne Johnston
    • NAFTA Investments Face Uncertainty August 16, 2017
      Grain harvest in south Texas may be over, but product is still rolling.  “My sorghum is just pretty much gone,” said Charles Ring, a producer from Sinton, Tx. “There are just a few loads left.”  Exports have been essential to prices for decades now.  […]
      Julianne Johnston
    • Louisiana Corn Sees Record Corn Yields As Harvest Nears the End August 16, 2017
      Farmers throughout the south have seen big gains in statewide average yields. Most of the states in the region planted fewer corn acres, lowering total production.
      Unknown Author
    • Preventing an Unwanted Baler Fire August 16, 2017
      We need to be cognizant at all times of the potential for fires to start while baling hay or straw and take measures to minimize the potential of a fire occurring.
      Unknown Author
    • Mexican Grain Importers Pause Investments August 16, 2017
      Whether it’s loaded and driven, or rolls out by rail, U.S. grains are pouring out of our country and heading for end users in Mexico.  “We use raw material [such as] corn, sorghum, wheat and fiber-like cotton seed hulls to make feed for livestock,” said Ricardo Eliz […]
      Roger Bernard
    • Mexican Grain Buyers Importing From South America August 15, 2017
      Mexican Elevators, Feed Mills Possibly Importing from South America Mexico is a deficit ag producer and for things like corn, imports are essential. While proximity and infrastructure has made the U.S. a logical trading partner, buyers here are now looking to the sea.  As the feed go […]
      Julianne Johnston
    • NMPF: Canada Wants to Have Its Ice Cream and Eat It, Too August 15, 2017
      The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) is pushing back hard against a statement by the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister on up-coming talks to re-negotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.
      Julianne Johnston
    • Farmer to Farmer Website Links Forage Buyers to Sellers August 15, 2017
      Dairy farmers in various parts of Wisconsin experienced severe alfalfa winterkill and injury this past winter. Losses were the greatest on heavy soil types with poorer drainage.
      Roger Bernard


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