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    • Dollar Dilema November 27, 2015
      With the Northern Hemisphere crops tucked away, and the Southern Hemisphere still in vegetative growth, the market focus tends to lean heavily on export sales and domestic consumption data for direction. This (exports) is also the area where the competitive devaluation trade war is being fought. Rel […]
      Alan Brugler
    • Need a TMR Mixer? Consider Buying Used November 27, 2015
      Here are a few things to consider when buying used machines.
      Unknown Author
    • MMP 2016 Sign-Up and Payout Likely No Better than 2015 November 27, 2015
      Using milk and feed futures prices, the 2016 MMP program will likely pay little in the first-half of the year and nothing in the second half .
      Unknown Author
    • Saving a Species November 26, 2015
      A public-private partnership helps dairies save California’s endangered Tricolored Blackbirds.
      Unknown Author
    • Using Inoculants Effectively November 26, 2015
      Inoculants are a tool to improve silage quality, but they are not a replacement for good management practices.
      Unknown Author
    • Tools of the Trade: Manage Financial Risks November 25, 2015
      One of the oldest tools is still one of the most important. It is a long-range forecast.
      Unknown Author
    • Success Without Succession November 25, 2015
      A fourth-generation dairy farmer branches out to start his own farm.
      Unknown Author
    • France Finds Deadly Bird Flu in the Heart of Foie Gras Country November 25, 2015
      France found a case of deadly bird flu in the foie gras production region of Perigord, in the country’s southwest.
      Unknown Author
    • Hidden Cost of Commodity Feeds November 25, 2015
      Pricing a commodity only on nutrient content does not consider the real cost of feeding a commodity and the lingering effect on the dairy’s total feed cost.
      Unknown Author
    • Allendale: Holiday Markets Open Door For Sharp Moves November 25, 2015
      Light volume is expected during the holiday trading period, which could cause sharp moves.
      Unknown Author


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