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    • Video Monitoring Adds Another Layer of Security for Animal Welfare June 26, 2017
      To maintain and improve animal welfare in poultry facilities, Tyson Foods has started using remote video auditing systems.
      Julianne Johnston
    • The Butter Texas Two Step June 26, 2017
      The butter market, after being down at the end of last week, was up just over 3 cents on Monday
      Julianne Johnston
    • Milk Production Not Phased by Arizona Heat Wave June 26, 2017
      Despite near record heat, dew points and humidity are still low.
      Unknown Author
    • Economists Predict $17 Milk for Balance of 2017 June 26, 2017
      Prices will get there if production stays steady and exports continue strong,
      Julianne Johnston
    • Global Dairy Prices Pulling U.S. Prices Higher June 26, 2017
      Even as production increases and inventories rise, U.S. dairy prices are following global prices higher
      Unknown Author
    • Torpedoed June 23, 2017
      In last week’s Minesweeper themed column, we noted that wheat and soy oil were still rising, but that corn and soybeans were taking on a little water. This week, it appeared that all four were hit by torpedoes and are down at the bow. Some of the bull convoy is still intact. The notable exception […]
      Alan Brugler
    • Harvesting and Handling High-quality Baleage June 23, 2017
      Baleage can provide a high-quality fermented forage, but careful attention to management is needed to produce a consistent, uniform feed. 
      Unknown Author
    • Emergency Grazing Opened in Drought Impacted Northern Plains June 23, 2017
      Emergency grazing on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands by  Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue for producers in South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana impacted by drought.  
      Julianne Johnston
    • Count the Rings Around the Corn Collars June 23, 2017
      Knowing how to count corn collars at this point in the season is a valuable skill because it can help you make accurate decisions on timing postemergence herbicide applications, says Farm Journal Associate Field Agronomist Missy Bauer.
      Unknown Author
    • NAFTA Negotiations As Critical As It Gets June 23, 2017
      Dairy is extremely vulnerable to what happens with NAFTA - 45% of exports go to Canada and Mexico  
      Julianne Johnston


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