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    • Oregon: Jackson County Holds Off Enforcement of GMO Ban December 21, 2014
      Jackson County, Ore., won't be enforcing the ban on genetically modified crops approved by voters last May until a lawsuit filed by alfalfa famers is resolved.‚Äč
      Unknown Author
    • China Agrees to Stronger Protections on Cheese Name Issue December 20, 2014
      The U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade meetings should facilitate export of products like feta and parmesan cheese.
      Unknown Author
    • Grains Gone Wild December 20, 2014
      Wheat hits new highs, Cuba opens up for trade, and corn stays above $4.
      Unknown Author
    • Pain Within Limits December 19, 2014
      While we have seen some fairly large extended moves in the grains and the stock market this year, big limit move type days have been scarce. That has not been the case here in December for the cattle and feeder cattle markets. Feeders posted 5 limit down days in a row ($15.00) before the Merc […]
      Alan Brugler
    • AgWeb Radio: Weekly Dairy Market Wrap 12-19-14 December 19, 2014
      Robin Schmahl, Hedge and Marketing Specialist with AgDairy says this week futures were lower, butter took a big hit, more production, and more cows. Production is increasing and demand is decreasing so it doesn't look to positive for next year.
      Unknown Author
    • November Milk Production Up 3.4% December 19, 2014
      Twenty three of the major dairy states reported increased milk production. Guess which states didn't?
      Unknown Author
    • Grain Markets Absorb Flurry of News Events December 19, 2014
      The grain markets were given a lot of news to digest this week and livestock markets were highly volatile.
      Unknown Author
    • Exports/Imports Negate Gains in Domestic Dairy Sales December 19, 2014
      October milk/feed margins have also tightened, but remain well above year-ago levels.
      Unknown Author
    • Natural Grocers Dropping Noosa Under Dairy Rules December 19, 2014
      Natural Grocers plans to stop selling yogurt from another Colorado-based company, Noosa, as it switches to pastured-based dairy products.
      Unknown Author
    • Mocotoxins in 2014 Corn Silage Could be Stealing Milk December 19, 2014
      Total profitability losses could up $1.50 per cow per day.
      Unknown Author


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