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    • Conventional Corn Beckons Old Foe June 25, 2016
      Is a corn borer comeback in the cards?
      Unknown Author
    • Tips to Scout for Rootworm June 25, 2016
      The July-to-August window is perfect for finding damage before it impacts yield
      Sara Schafer
    • GET ME OUT! June 24, 2016
      With the British majority voting to leave the European Union, world markets are adjusting to extreme changes in asset values across many sectors. It looks like now that the Brits will have their cake, they will be eating it too with the Pound hitting a 30 year low. The official date of the departure […]
      Alan Brugler
    • Could Brexit Kill the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? June 24, 2016
      This week Britain decided to leave the European Union (EU) in a historical vote nicknamed Brexit that is leaving trade casualties in its wake.
      Unknown Author
    • Brexit Could Cause Milk Prices To Remain Suppressed June 24, 2016
      Unfortunately for dairy farmers, Mike North of Commodity Risk Management Group says Brexit will likely remove any hope for an improved milk price in the near term because of the strengthening dollar.
      Jim Dickrell
    • The Many Uses of the Mighty Corn Kernel June 24, 2016
      Corn is the most widely grown crop in the world, produced in 170 countries. It is used for multiple purposes--feeding livestock and people, fueling vehicles, and replacing oil in industrial products. The relatively new U.S. bio-based products sector supported 1.5 million jobs in 2015.
      Stephanie Mercier
    • Manure Spreading on Some Soils Could Be Halted in This Wisconsin County June 24, 2016
      The measures are being proposed after a third of wells tested were found to have unsafe levels of nitrates and coliform bacteria.
      Sara Schafer
    • Senate Reaches GMO Labeling Deal June 23, 2016
      The Senate on Thursday reached a compromise regarding labels for food that contains genetically modified ingredients, pre-empting the possibility of a patchwork of complicated and potentially conflicting state laws.  
      Unknown Author
    • Brazil's Second-Crop Corn Could Change How You Sell Your Grain June 23, 2016
      The increase in Brazilian corn production over the past decade has been nothing short of extraordinary, according to Ed Allen and Constanza Valdes, who have authored a report for USDA-ERS titled “Brazil’s Corn Industry and the Effect on the Seasonal Patterns of U.S. Corn Exports.” […]
      Unknown Author
    • Utterback: Rain Makes Grain June 23, 2016
      Most of the corn production areas are receiving rain and amounts vary from a half to two and a half inches. In most areas the early planted corn acres look good to excellent while the late corn acres in some areas is stressed.
      Roger Bernard


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