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    • 3 Things You Need to Know about South America This Week August 27, 2016
      Brazil’s impeachment trial for its suspended president is scheduled to conclude on Wednesday, Aug. 31. South America will be a tougher competitor for ag exports to China next year, and it already is buying more than 75% of Brazil’s soybeans.
      Julianne Johnston
    • Fedspeak August 26, 2016
      This week, we didn’t have a Fed meeting, just a speech by Fed Chair Yellen at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Both the commodity markets and the stock market used the outcome as an excuse for doing some selling. Did Yellen actually say the Fed was raising interest rates? No. Did she say they wouldn’t? No. A […]
      Alan Brugler
    • Northeast Lawmakers Say Cheese Buyout Isn't Enough August 26, 2016
      Earlier this week, USDA announced buying $20 million of cheese in an effort to bolster prices for America’s dairy farmers, some say it isn't enough.
      Sara Schafer
    • Pro Farmer U.S. 2016 Corn and Soybean Crop Estimates August 26, 2016
      With a normal finish to the growing season, the soybean crop stands to benefit more from weather than corn.
      Unknown Author
    • High Expectations for Iowa Crops Despite Late Season Moisture August 26, 2016
      Iowa has high expectations this year as harvest rolls around, despite dealing with problems like Sudden Death Syndrome and white mold.
      Jim Wiesemeyer
    • Take Control of Fall Markets August 26, 2016
      Unfortunately, a lot of farmers have 2016 corn unpriced right now, and it’s time to take control, according to Brian Basting of Advanced Trading.
      Roger Bernard
    • Trade Doesn't Buy 175.1 National Corn Yield August 26, 2016
      On August 12, USDA released one of the most bearish reports in history, projecting a a record corn yield and production on both corn and soybeans. And trade doesn't believe the report.
      Unknown Author
    • Despite Issues, Good Overall Crop in Southern Minnesota August 26, 2016
      Despite a couple of issues for both corn and soybean crops, the overall results are good in southern Minnesota.
      Sara Schafer
    • Crop Tour Scouts Find Record Corn, Soy on Trek Across Midwest August 26, 2016
      Bumper corn crop is still seen trailing government forecast, while pod counts indicate soybean yields close to the USDA’s outlook.
      Unknown Author
    • Could Storage Problems Loom As Crop Supplies Pile Up? August 26, 2016
      With soybeans and corn supplies piling up to record levels for the 2016-17 marketing year, beginning on September 1, could storage be a problem?
      Julianne Johnston


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