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    • Study: Less Fertilizer in Illinois River Leads to Good News for Gulf May 23, 2016
      The flow of nitrates from farm fertilizer and treated wastewater into the Illinois River that contributes to a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico has fallen, a new study says. Researchers believe one likely factor, the use of newer, more robust varieties of corn, could make the drop a long-lasting on […]
      Sara Schafer
    • Feed Prices Rise, Squeezing Margins May 23, 2016
      Recent increases in both corn and soybean meal prices and expected declines in milk prices mean dairy margins will continue to be squeezed this summer.
      Anna McBrayer
    • Milk Price Recovery May be Delayed May 23, 2016
      Evidently, milk prices have not been low enough to increase the need to reduce herds up through the month of April. This may prolong the recovery of milk prices. We can only hope milk prices will not decline any more than they already have.
      Robin Schmahl
    • Allendale: Weekend Weather Favorable To Row Crops May 23, 2016
      Grain markets are lower as U.S. crops improve and investors start week with a risk off attitude.
      Anna McBrayer
    • Hungarian Farmers March with Cows to Protest Low Milk Prices May 23, 2016
      Hungarian dairy farmers have marched with some 50 cows near parliament asking the government to lower taxes on all dairy products while claiming that support from Hungary and the European Union is insufficient and ineffective.
      Unknown Author
    • From Manure Slurry to Drinkable Water May 22, 2016
      New York dairy goes all in on nutrient recycling. 
      Anna McBrayer
    • Though Uncommon, Pneumonia can Affect Adult Cows May 21, 2016
      There are some scenarios where pneumonia can become a serious problem in adult cows.
      Sara Schafer
    • Gulke: Look at the Big Picture May 21, 2016
      “We had a pretty significant pullback in the beans the other day that got a lot of people nervous,” said Jerry Gulke, president of the Gulke Group and a farmer in Illinois, speaking with Farm Journal Radio’s Pam Fretwell. “But we’re up more than $2 since the first of M […]
      Sara Schafer
    • Would Ya Look at That! May 20, 2016
      Alan Brugler
    • Balance Manure Nutrients and Crop Needs May 20, 2016
      The crop nutrients in dairy manure—nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)—come amazingly close to the needs of a 140 bu. per acre corn crop, says Chanhee Lee, an animal scientist with The Ohio State University.  
      Sara Schafer


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