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    • Egg Supplier Cal-Maine Scraps Dividend After Prices Drop September 26, 2016
      Prices down as output recovers after 2015 bird flu outbreak.  
      Sara Schafer
    • Gulke: Harvest Delays Send Grain Prices Sideways September 24, 2016
      Regardless of strong yields, prices are finding a footing. What farmers need now is some traditional fall weather, says Jerry Gulke, president of the Gulke Group.
      Unknown Author
    • Pick a Number ... September 24, 2016
      Farmers’ corn yield estimates come in under USDA’s
      Julianne Johnston
    • Headwinds Could Slow Dairy Export Shipments September 23, 2016
      Shipping industry turmoil increases freight rates and slows shipments of goods crossing the Pacific.
      Sara Schafer
    • To Make An Omelet September 23, 2016
      Some sources attribute the phrase “To make an omelet, you must first crack eggs” to Napoleon Bonaparte, or to Robespierre. It was also apparently used by Stalin. Other sources prefer to attribute the phrase to Anon. The point, of course, is that some sacrifice must often be made to create a better […]
      Alan Brugler
    • World Dairy Expo: Where We've Been; Where We're Headed September 23, 2016
      General Manager Scott Bentley and Board President Al Deming look forward to the future of World Dairy Expo. They will continue to invest in commercial exhibitors, but the core of the brand will remain the suspense and competition, Bentley says.  
      Roger Bernard
    • Dairy Cow Culling Steady September 23, 2016
      Day to day cow slaughter running about the same as in July and a year ago.
      Anna McBrayer
    • Now's The Time to Revisit Your Nutrient Management Plan September 23, 2016
      It’s always a good idea to take another look at your nutrient management plan before significant applications.
      Julianne Johnston
    • Pro Farmer: Soybeans Slump as Harvest Picks Up September 23, 2016
      Soybean futures firmed early this week, but faced heavy pressure today on increased harvest activity and falling basis, which resulted in losses for the week.
      Sara Schafer
    • 'Harvest Pressure' Has not Hampered Corn, Soy Futures September 23, 2016
      Corn and soybean futures have not been hampered by so-called “harvest pressure,” with grain markets mixed in early trading Thursday, according to analyst Joe Vaclavik of Standard Grain.
      Julianne Johnston


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