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    • Idaho Dairy Eyed After Residents Discover Tainted Water February 27, 2017
      State officials are investigating claims that a south-central Idaho dairy pumped manure into a canal, and tests are being conducted on water coming from faucets in nearby homes where residents are complaining the water is discolored and has a bad odor.
      Unknown Author
    • 5 Tips To Sharpen Your Phosphorus Management Practices February 27, 2017
      Phosphorus (P) is an important macronutrient for field corn. Adequate amounts of the nutrient are associated with improved corn root development, increased stalk strength, resistance to disease, kernel (seed) production and earlier crop maturity. In some scenarios, the right amount of P can boost c […]
      Roger Bernard
    • Mexico Warns U.S. It'll Cut Off NAFTA Talks If Tariffs Proposed February 27, 2017
      Mexico’s top trade negotiator doubled down on threats to break off talks to rework Nafta.
      Roger Bernard
    • Hedge Funds Grow More Bullish on Corn as Surplus Eases February 27, 2017
      Near-record ethanol production means more demand for grain.
      Roger Bernard
    • Planned Dairy in Hawaii Delays Approval Process February 27, 2017
      A planned dairy farm in Hawaii has taken a step back by withdrawing parts of its application to allow more time for discussion of its likely environmental impact.
      Jim Wiesemeyer
    • Cautious Optimism for 2017 Export Markets February 24, 2017
      Despite industry challenges including strong competitors and unfavorable exchange rates, exports soared through the second half of 2016. Will that continue into 2017?
      Roger Bernard
    • Down Mexico Way February 24, 2017
      We are noting some action on Mexico’s part, whether coordinated with the government or not. Take a look at the USDA weekly Export Sales report for the week ending February 16. For that week, Mexico was the largest buyer of pork, beef and soy oil. They were the second largest buyers of soybean meal a […]
      Alan Brugler
    • Pro Farmer: Selling Pressure Mounts In Grain, Soy Futures February 24, 2017
      Corn, soybean and wheat futures faced followthrough selling this week after a late price reversal last week.
      Roger Bernard
    • How to Audit Your Form I-9s February 24, 2017
      Farmers across the country have concerns about the Trump Administration's immigration policy. The most proactive thing you can do as an employer to avoid immigration fines or penalties is to audit your I-9 forms.
      Stephanie Bewley
    • Most Favorable Predicted Price Spread for Soybeans in 20 Years February 24, 2017
      At the USDA’s 93 rd annual Agricultural Outlook Forum, the agency rolled out its predictions for the year ahead. 
      Julianne Johnston


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