Open House 2016

As the week of Annual Open houses at the Big Horn Co-op came to an end, it was time to draw for the much sought after prize of the Traeger Smoker worth $899.00.

Due to unseasonably warm weather, attendance was remarkable, and the entries for this drawing were many.

As the final day, in Basin, drew to an end and the beans were cleaned off the floor we turned to the task of drawing a name. We shook, stirred, swirled, and flipped the names in the almost overflowing 16 quart flower pot for 2 minutes to get a good mix.


Finally the moment of truth as Al Hefeneider of Worland was the name pulled from the pot.  Many of you may know he is of the younger generation in the Hefenieder family.

If you see Mr. Hefenieder around congratulate him on his win.



Big Horn Co-op would like to thank everyone who attended the open houses and for continuing to support your local Co-op.

We are unique in today’s business world as your company is still owned by those it serves.

Thank You.






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